Bottarga Pasta

If you’re not familiar with bottarga, this will be a new and exciting recipe to add to your repertoire. Bottarga is fish roe that’s been salted and then pressed and dried in what is essentially a curing process. It makes bottarga a satisfyingly savory ingredient, salty and packed with umami flavor. In this dish, it adds a deliciously salty punch of flavor to fresh pasta, parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes, and lemon. While it can be a pricey item to keep on hand, you can usually find bottarga at specialty food stores or order it online. Purchase this ingredient grated in small amounts and add to vegetables, salads, pasta, on top of bagels, and even sprinkled on chowders and other soups. This version of the pasta combines the salty, tangy flavor of bottarga with the spicy bite of red pepper flakes and the zest of lemon to create a well-rounded and simple dish. Pair this pasta with a lean protein like grilled chicken or prawns and a light green salad. You can add as much or as little of the red pepper as you desire, or you can remove it altogether if you aren’t a fan of spice.